I. Golden Rule

OpenDAoC is a project made for and by fans of Dark Age of Camelot. We are a community of gamers from all around the world that share the same love for a game that is more than 20 years old. Everyone should be able to enjoy the hobby we all share and everyone plays a part in keeping the community healthy and growing. You cannot contend with the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. . By registering to our Forum, participating in our Discord, or playing on our server you accept and agree to the following rules set forth by the OpenDAoC Team.

II. General behavior

The following rules are valid on every medium (Forum, Discord, In-Game, etc.) concerning OpenDAoC. We expect players to generally take action themselves to prevent further violations, if they can do so. A failure in self-regulation will cause the rules and the moderation to tighten.

  1. Do not be toxic. We consider toxicity to be behaviour that abuses a rule, mechanic or game function to intentionally troll other players or hinder / prevent them from playing or enjoying the game or the community. Examples of toxic or griefing behavior would be, but are not limited to:

  2. Pulling or leading a hostile NPC or creature along behind you and attempting to get it to attack another player who does not desire that engagement.

  3. Attacking an already attacked creature without the consent of the player who pulled the mob(s) first.

  4. Do not use the text channels or voice channels to verbally assault, threaten, harass or spam other people or to promote racism, hate speech, pure profanity, obscenity or sexual harassment. That applies to any kind of picture, avatar, signature and video as well. Please keep public chats in English (except for language-specific channels and forums). We will generally not police private chat rooms such as group, guild or battlegroup chat. It will be up to the guild officers or guild masters as well as BG leaders to police their own chats.

  5. Do not publish any personal data of another person (doxxing), even if the person is not related to OpenDAoC.

  6. Do not refer to or discuss real life politics, religion or health. We are here to play a video game and escape these real life issues/topics.

  7. Do not rob or scam people. We consider scamming to be intentionally lying or abusing the trust or inexperience of another player for personal gain or to harm the player. Sharing phishing links in any way is forbidden. The housing market is excluded from this rule - please check the prices before you buy the items. If you feel you have been scammed please take a screenshot of any chat logs whether they are in-game or in a Discord chat.

  8. Do not impersonate OpenDAoC staff members in any way.

  9. Do not discuss staff decisions publicly. You may write to the involved staff member personally to seek clarification or a review. Always follow the decisions, even if you do not agree. OpenDAoC Team members are not obligated to explain any actions taken to anyone further than the basic notification that an action was taken against you or someone else. If a member of the team decides to explain further then that would be their own prerogative to do so.

  10. Do not choose any names, last names, guild names, tags, avatars, profile pictures or signatures that violate any OpenDAoC rule or local law.

  11. Do not violate your local laws and regulations.

III. In-Game behaviour

The following rules complement the general rules specifically for behaviour on our game server.

  1. Do not use any third-party programs, unless explicitly permitted by a member of the staff. The use of AutoHotKey (AHK) is permitted, as long as loops or delays are not used.

  2. Do not exploit unintended game functions (bugs) for personal gain or advantage. Any identified bug should immediately be reported to the Team using the dedicated channels. Even the unintentional abuse of a bug can be punished if it is not reported immediately. Any gains caused or benefited by bugs will always be removed.

  3. Do not create multiple accounts or buffbots. We consider one account per person to be enough. If multiple players from the same household are connected, one account may not be AFK for more than 10 minutes as we regularly test shared connections for violations. Log out the specific account if you expect to be AFK for longer than 10 minutes. This is a general guideline that our team will base actions upon. If we make contact with you and a reasonable explanation is given for a longer AFK time then it is staff discretion as to what action to take.

  4. Do not gather intelligence about another realm in any way and exploit it for your advantage (Cross-realming). Assisting in this by knowingly sharing the intelligence is forbidden as well. Players who wish to stream RvR will do so at their own risk. BG leaders who become aware of players who are streaming and are in their BG are permitted to deal with the player in any way they see fit such as asking them to put a delay on their broadcast or to stop streaming entirely. If a player refuses to follow the wishes of the BG leader then the BG leader can remove them from their BG. If the player fails to adhere to the BG leaders’ wishes then we encourage the BG leader to contact the OpenDAoC team for assistance with the dispute. A reasonable amount of stream delay would be between 2 and 5 minutes. If you play from the same household (example: husband and wife, father and son etc.) you must play the same realm in RvR zones. If you try to play different realms in RvR zones, it will be considered cross-realming.

  5. Do not play or benefit in any way while not attending your character (Scripts / Macros). It is forbidden to be AFK while a pet is continuously farming (AFK farming).

  6. Do not enter the heartland of another realm regardless of if you find yourself somehow able to do so.

  7. Do not offer to sell or buy items, currencies, accounts or powerleveling for real life money.

IV. Punishments

If a staff member notices or is provided with sufficient evidence (Screenshots, Videos etc.) of a violation of the rules, a warning or punishment can be issued.

Before considering any punishment, any kind of advantage or gain that resulted from a violation, the estimated RP, EXP, money or items that were earned with the violation, can be seized.

The punishments for any violation will be determined according to the gravity of the violation, the malintent, the significance of the rule itself and the caused (or predicted) damage.

In an effort to avoid outright bans, staff members are encouraged to find creative resolutions to rule violations. Those will attempt to illustrate the wrongdoing and/or offer the player a way to redeem themselves.

Those punishments will regularly be, but are not limited to:

  1. Mutes
  2. Kicks
  3. Character / inventory rollback
  4. Character deletion
  5. Temporary bans (1 day, 3 day, 7 day)
  6. Permanent bans (appealable after 30 days)
  7. Permanent bans (unappealable)

The OpenDAoC Team reserves the right to modify these rules and their caveats at any point in time with or without prior warning or notification of any change.