The following battlegrounds are available:

  • Thidranki (Level 20 - 24 - Max 2L0)
  • Caledonia (Level 34 - 39 - Max 3L5)

Note: The /rp off command is not available to players below level 40

In both battlegrounds, there are new Atlas-specific additions to the normal battleground formula. Similar to our daily quests, there is an NPC in each portal keep that will offer quests to kill players and capture the central keep. Completing these quests will reward the player with a chunk of experience and a Reward Token appropriate to the battleground level.

A new vendor will exist alongside the daily quest-giver, which accepts these Reward Tokens in exchange for gear. This gear has static attributes tailored to a level slightly above the battleground.

The goal is to provide players a way to target a specific weapon type they may desire and have it be useful for leveling beyond the battleground as well; or perhaps as a low level 'template' item should you wish to stay in the battleground for an extended duration.

Daily Quest-Giver

Pictured Above: Daily Quest-Giver (left) and Reward Vendor (right)