XP Items

Dropping XP Items

XP Items will drop with a 100% chance from their relevant mob.
Looting an XP item will start a 3 minute cooldown timer, wherein the player will not loot any other XP items.

For each unique mob type killed during this cooldown, the cooldown will be reduced by 20s. This means that rotating between three different XP Item npcs near each other will effectively give you a 2 minute cooldown timer.

This timer is further reduced by Realm Loyalty, up to a maximum benefit of a 30s cooldown reduction at 30 loyal days. This means that a fully realm loyal player has an effective XP Item timer of 2m30s.

These bonuses will combine, meaning a fully realm loyal player rotating between three unique XP item monsters would have an effective timer of 1m30s.

Group XP Item Considerations

When in a group, XP items will still obey the parameters defined above. However, as XP items drop the system will rotate through group members and use their XP timer cooldowns if available. This means that X items will drop every 3minutes, where X is the number of players in your group. This timer can also be reduced by loyalty and killing unique monster types.

XP Items Map

A map of all the XP items location is available here: Atlas XP Items Map

XP Items per Realm


Mob EXP Item (Links) Min Level Max Level NPC NPC Location
Bandit Leader Bandit Sword 11 13 Garvyn Kensington West Downs
Grove Nymph Nymph Wings 14 16 Aldrin Collyer West Downs
Skeletal Legionnaire Legionnaire Bone 17 19 Ensign Redway West Downs
Drakoran Skirmisher Drakoran Skirmisher Head 20 29 Eafa Thatcher Caifelle
Faint Grim Faint Grim Scrap 21 30 Lynd Moidg Swanton Keep
Bwgan Hunter Bwgan Hunter Eye 22 31 Boc Snowdonia Station
Bucca Bucca Silver Mirror 23 27 Jack Landrey Cornwall Station
Drakoran Marauder Drakoran Marauder Helm 24 33 Yffi Thatcher Wearyall
Cornish Hen Cornish Hen Tail 24 30 Gregor Lannis Caer Witrin
Apple Fly Mottled Apple Fly Wings 26 35 Cynwise Thatcher Wearyall
Mercenary Tomb Raider Stolen Signet Ring 26 35 Aria Barlow West Downs
Forest Stalker Blood Red Berry Wine 27 36 Lenia Fletcher Fort Sauvage
Faerie Frog Faerie Frog Eyes 28 37 Lieutenant Nainne Fort Snowdonia
Undead Apple Gatherer Rotted Apple Gatherer Flesh 28 37 Cearl Smith Wearyall
Undead Monk Dried Monk Skull 29 38 Gleda Fletcher Snowdonia Station
Bwca Fell Creature Teeth 30 39 Adwr Fort Snowdonia
Townsman Keys of the Lost 30 39 Adaliae Ruthic Cornwall Station
Bilious Goo Tattered Rope Threads 30 39 Achae Smith Fort Gwyntell
Centurio Pilus Posterior Gem of the Despoiled 31 37 Azrael Mucto Caer Witrin
Drakoran Leech Drakoran Leech Hand 28 35 Penda Thatcher Wearyall
Farmer Sack of Grain 32 38 Pethos Cornwall Station
Contraption Oily Contraption Bits 32 38 Aelbfled Smith Ft. Gwyntell
Dunter Dunter Head 33 39 Blair Alder Cornwall Station
Tattered Product Bright Illuminated Gem 34 40 Tondbert Brewer Ft. Gwyntell
Giant Boar Giant Boar Claw 34 40 Adwr Snowdonia Fortress
Moor Boogey Glowing Soul Gem 35 41 Aserod Ilonus Cornwall
Freybug Decorative Arrows 35 41 Allia Fletcher Fort Sauvage
Decaying Marshman Rusted Pendants 36 40 Jolis Wearyall
Giant Lizard Giant Lizard Sinew 36 40 Heylyn Aldar Cornwall Station
Peallaidh Peallaidh Hide 37 41 Thule Ruthic Cornwall Station
Grave Goblin Shaman Enchanted Metal Studs 38 42 Garvyn Kensington West Downs
Danaoin Clerk Danaoin Poison 39 43 Etie Caer Witrin
Crafted Guardian Crafted Guardian Legs 40 44 Eabae Dale Ft. Gwyntell
Danaoin Fisherman Danaoin Fishing Fly 40 44 Wina Wyman Caer Witrin
Granite Giant Ancient Granite Stone 41 43 Eugene Aldar Cornwall Station
Pictish Warrior Pictish Warrior Ring 41 47 Tyna Blade Caer Witrin
Cyclops Bloody Cyclops Eye 41 45 Brother Salvar Camelot
Fiery Fiend Ever Burning Ember 41 45 Master Sceley Ludlow
Tylwyth Teg Rover Unused Arrow Heads 41 45 Yetta Fletcher Cotswald
Ghoulic Viper Ghoulic Viper Fang 41 45 Nydomath Humberton Keep
Strangler Worn Strangler Cord 42 44 Sebbi Brookshire Ft. Gwyntell
Cliff Crawler Cliff Crawler Leg 42 46 Dwira Fletcher Swanton Keep
Corpse Mold Decayed Water Orb 42 44 Waleron Douglas Little Haven
Deep Goblin Deep Goblin Hair 42 45 Farley Daegal West Downs
Great Boar Great Boar Hide 42 46 Fost Mra Ludlow
Creeping Ooze Jeweled Polished Skull 42 45 Ochan Aethelhere Ludlow
Cockatrice Pristine Cockatrice Feather 42 47 Gilley Fletcher Ludlow
Shadowhunter She-Wolf Pristine She-wolf Pelt 42 46 Lundeg Tranyth Cotswold
Scaled Fiend Scaled Fiend Heart 42 44 Bodwyn West Downs
Dark Fire Crystallized Dark Fire 43 45 Mistress Blea Humberton Keep
Tylwyth Teg Huntress Tylwyth Teg Huntress Wristband 43 45 Ither Swanton Keep
Caer Caddug Bodyguard Caer Caddug Bodyguard Bracer 44 46 Elyn Badam Wearyall
Urchin Pilferer Dark Urchin Spines 44 46 Gwellian Su'Lan'Ki Wearyall
Corpse Delver Rotted Corpse Delver Eyes 44 46 Torctgyd Brookshire Wearyall
Danaoin Farmer Danaoin Harvest List 44 46 William Oswy Outland Wharf
Ellyll Villager Bottle of Ellyll Wine 45 47 Lyonet Castle Sauvage
Headless Footman Shredded Footman's Cloak 46 48 Hild Armstrong Wearyall
Thrawn Ogre Guardsman Bronze Thrawn Ogre Thresher Spear Tips 46 48 Isabel Caer Diogel
Phantom Magi Ghostly Soul Shroud 46 48 Rose Little Haven
Thrawn Ogre Thresher Gruesome Thrawn Ogre Heads 46 48 Cnieda Clifton
Orc Lure Spotted Orc Lure Ear 46 50 Angharad Spellsinger Caer Diogel
Boggart Sleeping Kitten 46 48 Gremain Watford Camelot
Orc Tracking Hound Orc Tracking Hound Claw 46 48 Maud Warblade Caer Diogel
Young Brown Drake Drake Claws 47 49 Shayly Parke Camelot
Ebon Skeleton Ebon Tibia 48 49 Tristram Adamson Little Haven
Gangrenous Mass Gangrenous Mass Pustule 48 50 Peada Robson Wearyall
Ecto Minion Blackened Staff of the Minion 48 49 Gracien Adamson Ft. Gwyntell
Moorlich Skin Cream 48 49 Chelseigh Camelot
Greater Water Elemental Shimmering Water Orb 48 49 Petrus Aitken Ft. Gwyntell
Ghoul Desecrator Clawed Mummified Hand 49 50 Arvida Clifton
Pitch Skeleton Crackling Pitch Skeleton Hand 49 50 Huidelon Cariston Little Haven
Fell Geist Faint Geist Essence 49 50 Offa Lumley Wearyall


Mob EXP Item (Links) Min Level Max Level NPC NPC Location
Vendo Stalker Vendo Paw 11 13 Macalena Haggerfell
Vendo Warrior Vendo Paw 11 13 Macalena Haggerfell
Vendo Flayer Strand of Hair 14 16 Kran Haggerfell
Wood-eater Royal Guard Wood-eater Carapace 17 19 Geir Mularn
Morvalt Krigsman Obsidian Sword 20 29 Yrling Aegir's Landing
Scimitar Cat Scimitar Cat Skin 20 29 Styr Aegir's Landing
Fire Ant Gatherer Warm Fire Ant Larva 21 30 Seiml Fort Veldon
Drowning Victim Pendant of the Forsaken 22 31 Scandlain Knarr
Water Cat Water Cat Pelt 22 31 Thrain Knarr
Treekeep Warm Tree Sap 22 31 Sentry Crush Gna Faste
Cursed Mora Scroll of Eternal Sorrow 23 32 Trunk Fort Atla
Wading Boobrie Ancey Shell 24 33 Ragi Knarr
Bobbing Boobrie Boobrie Egg 32 38 Bosi Knarr
Mist Menace Mist Water Sack 24 33 Kres Knarr
Wood Rat Wood Rat Tail 24 30 Sentry Thuger Gna Faste
Ashmonger Polished Obsidian 25 34 Sinmora Haggerfel
Shale Golem Gold Shale 26 35 Haro Knarr
Morvalt Landflyke Morvalt Landflyke Head 26 35 Kerk Bjarken
Mephitic Ghoul Melted Ghoul Flesh 26 35 Linna Vale of Mularn
Werewolf Warder Warder Ear 27 36 Otkel Galplen
Griffon Loner Griffon Loner Feathers 28 37 Olve Bjarken
Megaloceros Fawn Megaloceros Claw 28 37 Mysing Bjarken
White Wolf White Wolf Fang 28 37 Svewn Svasud Faste
Biting Wind Biting Wind Eye 29 38 Sissel Svasud Faste
Little Greeber Little Greeber Beak 30 39 Tor Knarr
Morvalt Streber Morvalt Streber Head 30 39 Avang Bjarken
Myling Myling Essence 30 39 Isreb Bjarken
Mud Frog Mud Frog Tongue 30 39 Og Fort Atla
Sioalf Cultist Cultist Stave 31 36 Nyvad Knarr
Ingester Ingester Stomach 32 38 Naid Knarr
Steam Element Steam 32 38 Dgyve Hagall
Timberland Badger Badger Stomach 32 38 Ohar Galplen
Snow Giant Vial Ice Water 31 37 Svealand West Beni
Crater Cicada Cicada Legs 33 40 Blan Hagall
Giant Snowcrab Giant Snowcrab Claw 33 39 Mildri Vasudheim
Werewolf Churl Lost Pearl 34 40 Ysunoic Galplen
Morvalt Beskydda Morvalt Beskydda Eyes 34 40 Cadbg Hagall
Yellowed Skeleton Yellowed Skeleton Bones 34 40 Anakoll Knarr
Mud Crab Mud Crab Claw 35 41 Thyra Galplen
Small Black Orm Black Orm Gland 36 40 Tallya Galplen
Sjoalf Worshipper Golden Chain Necklace 36 40 Domal Knarr
Mammoth Herdguard Mammoth Herdguard Skin 36 40 Yvette Bjarken
Washed-up Skeleton Washed Up Skeleton Skull 36 40 Circa Knarr
Block of Ice Ice Creature Corpse 37 41 Jordan Audliten
Redcap Skulker Red Caps 37 40 Frakki Bjarken
Frost Giant Frost Giant Blood 37 41 Jolgeir Audliten
Coral Thing Coral 38 42 Yrsa Knarr
Fisher Grip Fisher Grip Feathers 38 42 Visna Knarr
Cave Lioness Cave Lioness Pelt 38 42 Gretta Bjarken
Griffon Glider Griffon Glider Head 38 42 Yngvild Bjarken
Terra Crab Terra Crab Claw 38 42 Gudrid Galplen
Fenrir Tracker Fenrir Tracker Paw 40 44 Galagore Vasudheim
Forest Viper Forest Viper Venom 40 44 Galena Galplen
Wintery Dirge Frozen Teardrop 40 45 Dail Huginfel
Hagbui Shaman Jeweled Shaman Totem 40 43 Yosef Angor Vasudheim
Clay Jotun Magic Clay 40 43 Gord Galplen
Drakulv Missionary Drakulv Scale 41 47 Nikgor Galplen
Iceberg Iceberg Teeth 41 44 Trapper Jora Audliten
Large Enslaved Orm Runner Silver-Gemmed Collar 41 45 Liv Fort Veldon
Ghostly Hibernian Invader Ghostly Necklace 42 46 Sydney Fort Veldon
Shard Golem Ice Shard 42 45 Helja Fort Atla
Hagbui Runemaster Runemaster Sealed Page 42 45 Alrik Gna Faste
Ghastly Albion Invader Vial of Ghastly Vapors 42 45 Osk Audliten
Savage Wyvern Malefic Teeth 43 48 Anderrson Svasud Faste
Bone-Eater Eviscerater Digested Skull 43 46 Leim Audliten
Icestrider Chiller Frosted Gimel Root 43 45 Runolf Huginfel
Hagbui Spiritmaster Spirit Stone 43 47 Lyna Mularn
Fallen Troll Troll Teeth 44 47 Hlif Fort Veldon
Megaloceros Rack of Megaloceros Antlers 45 47 Trude Faraheim
Svartalf Infiltrator Svartalf Poison Recipes 45 47 Rorik Huginfel
Aurora Aurora Corpse 46 49 Kvasir Jordheim
Morvalt Blandare Morvalt Blandere Belt 46 48 Aage Iarnwood
Icestrider Interceptor Red Eyes 47 49 Kkor Borson Jordheim
Faraheim Doe Faraheim Doe Meat 49 50 Uppsala NW Faraheim
Faraheim Stag Faraheim Stag Body 49 50 Unne NW Faraheim
Svartalf Foister Trip String 49 50 Jorun Jordheim
Aged Boreal Cockatrice Feather 49 50 Haylei Jordheim


Mob EXP Item (Links) Min Level Max Level NPC NPC Location
Roane Maiden Scrap of Cloth 11 13 Meara Magmell
Ghastly Siabra Human Leg 11 13 Dera Magmell
Parthanan Parthanan ear 11 13 Fagan Magmell
Fog Phantom Cracked Dark Heart 21 26 Guardian Daire Tir na Nog
Spraggonale Copper Moonstone Flagon 21 30 Kevain Howth
Faerie Drake Faerie Drake Hide 22 31 Lexie Ardee
Sett Dweller Sett Fur 22 31 Angeil Mount Collory
Streaming Wisp Streaming Wisp Husk 24 33 Geryn Tir na Nog
Lesser Zephyr Wind Swept Leaf 25 34 Amhlaoibh Innis Carthaig
Eiru Waylayer Siabra Waylayer Sash 26 35 Brynn Caille
Ire Wolf Ire Wolf Claw 27 36 Bryanna Connla
Phantom Wickerman Darkened Terror Claw 28 30 Marus Connla
Squabbler Squabbler Eye 29 38 Riber Druim Ligen
Amadan Touched Forgotten Silver Jasper Locket 30 39 Anna Basar
Botonid Tuber Botonid Claw 30 32 Orlae Droighaid
Rage Wolf Rage Wolf Tooth 31 32 Alabhois Druim Cain
Alp Luachra Alp Luachra Head 31 37 Briac Basar
Graugach Glowing Red Eye 32 40 Keir Caille
Twisted Sylvan Black Swirling Orbs 32 38 Regan Vigilant Rock
Cruach Imp Red Cruach Wings 33 39 Zinna Basar
Fomorian Tremulare Fomorian Hormone Gland 32 38 Bridie Caillte Garran
Trampler Trampler Stomach 34 40 Cree Droighaid
Torc Torc Tooth 34 35 Alabhois Druim Cain
Deamhan Aeir Deamhan Aeir Essence 34 40 Kenna Howth
Tidal Sheerie Sack of Grain 35 41 Leurgor Tir Urphost
Ixthiar Decimater Ixthiar Decimater Mandible 39 44 Chrriptax Aalid Feie
Arbordon Abductor Arbordon Abductor Arm 36 40 Paddonia Droighaid
Skimmer Skimmer Skin 36 40 Ainnle Droighaid
Juvenile Megafelid Juvenile Megafelid Tooth 36 38 Alabhois Druim Cain
Cliff Dweller Hunter Gold-Lined Drinking Horn 36 40 Yvon Tir Urphost
Phaeghoul Phaeghoul Red Hand 37 41 Sentinel Casidhe Tir Urphost
Ixthiar Ruinater Ixthiar Forearm 38 42 Bracken Droighaid
Twisted Barkstripper Treant Bark 38 42 Paud Caillte Garra
Cutthroat Vines Venom Sac 38 42 Mitri Droighaid
Grovewood Grovewood Bark 38 42 Saraid Caille
Bean Sidhe Medicinal Herb 39 43 Goraidh Druim Cain
Sanidon Block of Sanidon Sand 40 44 Orlaith Necht
Marine Shriller Marine Shriller Eggs 40 44 Bartley Necht
Ixthiar Plaguebringer Ixthiar Plaguebringer Satchel 40 44 Cundry Vale of Balor
Deamhan Hound Vial of Deamhan Breath 40 44 Kalla Howth
Bananach Spirit Catcher Stone 40 43 Emhyr Siopa
Moss Monster Vial of Moss Juice 40 43 Dilith Mardagh
Vehement Guardian Vehement Gizzard 40 44 Maible Tir Urphost
White Boar Long White Boar Tusk 40 43 Tangi Tir na mBeo
Speghoul Speghoul Heart 40 44 Erech Basar
Glimmerling Glimmering Gem 41 43 Llalla Druim Ligen
Morass Leech Morass Leech Blood 41 46 Wony Mag Mell
Unseelie Underviewer Glowing Veined Stone 42 46 Olane Caille
Curmudgeon Puggard Yellow Curmudgeon Teeth 42 50 Daron Ardee
Gorge Shriller Gorge Shriller Wings 42 44 Wimarc Droighaid
Ixthiar Reaper Ixthiar Reaper Mandible 42 46 Niamh Aalid Feie
Ghastly Midgard Invader Shadowy Helm 43 46 Yealcha Innis Carthaig
Tidal Anglator Tidal Angler Meat 42 44 Roisin Necht
Siabra Wayguard Siabra Charm Ring 43 45 Wynda Ceannai
Spectral Briton Invader Vial of Glowing Gasses 43 47 Eiral Ardee
Undead Briton Invader Death Robe 43 47 Brisen Ardagh
Skeletal Dwarf Invader Skeletal Dwarf Invader Skull 43 47 Deryn Basar
Umber Bear Umber Bear Tooth 44 46 Alabhois Druim Cain
Ixthiar Doomcaller Ixthiar Doomcaller Beads 44 46 Daylin Aalid Feie
Ixthiar Reaper Ixthiar Reaper Claw 44 46 Krrkxrx Aalid Feie
Swamp Hopper Hopper Tongue 44 46 Izold Ceannai
Mature Skimmer Mature Skimmer Hide 44 46 Eimear Krrzck
Bugbear Nuisance Bugbear Snout 44 46 Letselina Aalid Feie
Cervideth Cervodeth Antlers 44 46 Sarah Aalid Feie
Soaring Manta Soaring Manta Wing 44 46 Alanna Necht
Octonid Octonid Tentacle 44 46 Kayleigh Krrzck
Dusky Sylvanshade Dusky Sylvanshade Head 45 47 Ansol Altan Garran
Melancholic Fairy Melancholic Fairy Wing 45 47 Broc Siopa
Ravaging Marine Shriller Ravaging Marine Shriller Hide 46 48 Hugh Domnann
Grogan Pastry Puff 46 48 Brigacos Tir na Nog
Mad Grazer Mad Grazer Ear 46 48 Gearoid Grove of Domnann
Bog Frog Bog Frog Ear 47 49 Darova Tir na Nog
Tittering Tree Dervish Tittering Tree Dervish Bark 48 49 Zinsya Outlander Town
Dullahan Horseshoe 48 49 Caley Tir na Nog
Spectral Manslayer Spectral Essence 48 50 Rhosyn Tir na Nog
Venomous Spore Poison Sac 49 50 Fachtna Outlander Town
Unearthed Cave Bear Fine Bear Pelt 49 50 Aurlia Tir na Nog
Death Shroud Death Shroud Silk 49 50 Zuraspa Krrzck