Zenkar has built a version of Zenkcraft compatibile with Atlas, here's the original message:

Hello everyone!

I have completed the transformation of Zenkcraft from Phoenix to Atlas, as well as added and improved a lot of other stuff. Check out the notes below! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions for Zenkcraft!


Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2098510/Zenkcraft/E
Discord for Zenkcraft: https://discord.gg/sae8cKxMrU

Core Zenkcraft Features

  • Modern, interactive Spellcrafting tool with a very user-friendly UI that is tuned to all the settings of the Atlas (formerly Phoenix) server.
  • All expected functionality such as exporting/importing, template guidance, and a variety of settings.
  • Ability to add items directly from DAoC into Zenkcraft by delving an item with shift+i. Includes all stats, procs/changes, quality, etc.
  • Online database with every Orb item in the game, searchable with filters. View all items with a certain proc/charge, see weapon speeds, credit needed, Orb cost, etc. and then import the item directly into your template.
  • Add Spellcrafting gems directly into DAoC with a very easy interface.
  • Upload and download templates from a public online database with a few clicks, showing all kinds of information.
  • Full screen and windowed mode available.

Changes For Atlas:

  • Completed transition to a modern version of the Unity Engine. This will improve overall performance and stability.
  • Added a Vault feature to store items between templates (See Vault Tab).
  • Added a Properties Tab to track armor/weapon types, speed, and other information. This was a necessity in order to finish development of the Vault.
  • Changed save directory to the "My Documents" folder as opposed to the Zenkcraft directory (in addition to Vault items). This means you can delete Zenkcraft and add a new version, with all templates and Vault items being retained.
  • Several changes to Zenkcraft to align with the Atlas server.
  • Several performance enhancements across multiple functionalities (I'm a better programmer than I was 3 years ago).
  • Completion of Auto Template.
  • Added ROGify, which uses items in the Vault to build a template. There is a lot of information on this in Zenkcraft and this is a very powerful tool, so please check out the Notes and ROGify tabs within Zenkcraft for more info.
  • Added the Spellcrafting Gem reagents (material cost) for all gems and added the info to the Spellcrafting report.
  • Synced all Atlas Orb items to Zenkcraft and removed all Phoenix Feather items.
  • Added an "Atlas Keeps" section from the Home screen that visually tracks the status of all keeps through an API call to the Atlas server.

Thanks everyone for your support.