Hello again, brave adventurers! We have more information on our upcoming PvP server, Titan, and a little teaser for some upcoming changes that will impact both Atlas and Titan. Let's get into it!


We are delighted to finally share more information on what we mentioned in our last announcement. We are making a new server, Titan, which will be a sister server to Atlas and allow players to use one account to login to either.

Titan is planned to be a PvP server in the style of Mordred, but with some modern improvements.

  • Players will be able to group with any class from any realm, and be able to attack any target not in their group or guild as though they were a realm enemy.
  • All atlas orb costs will be converted to BP costs
  • Tir Na Nog, Jordheim, and Camelot are the only safe zones where players may not be attacked
  • Removal of conquest system, and rework of predator/bounty as solo activities for pvp ruleset
  • Various class and mechanic tweaks (detailed in a section below)


Dungeons have been transformed into high risk, high reward areas. All dungeons now contain valuable items with the following caveat: if you are slain in a dungeon while holding a valuable item, you will lose the item permanently and it will be lootable by your killer.

Valuable items in the above context can mean either template items (high level dungeons) or xp items (low level dungeons).

Template items will continue to be purchasable for bounty points from vendors in capital cities, and items purchased this way will not drop upon death. However, template items will also have a chance to drop from any mob in their relevant dungeon, rather than only from bosses. All items dropped this way will be an ‘ethereal’ version that is fully lootable by other players until leaving the zone.

XP items will no longer drop from mobs in the overworld, and instead only be available through mobs in dungeons. Low level dungeons will additionally have a level restriction on entry equal to the level bracket of the dungeon to prevent over-levelled players from farming these fully lootable items. Similar to template items above, XP items will drop as an ‘ethereal’ version that is fully lootable by other players until leaving the dungeon.

Successfully zoning out of the dungeon will bind the valuable item(s) to your character and prevent you from dropping them on subsequent deaths. However, bindstone recall stones are disabled while in dungeons so plan your extraction carefully!


There are also a few changes to how relics work that we think will prevent the issue of a single megaguild holding all relics in perpetuity. Relics will no longer be removable from their keeps, and instead grant their benefits to the guild that has captured the relic keep.

Guilds gain 5% strength/magic potency per relic, as well as additional BP and XP benefits for all characters in the guild. A guild can hold any number of relic keeps (in addition to the one normally capturable guild keep), but must still return to that relic’s keep to defend it and thus will require a great deal of coordination to maintain a hold on all 6.

Class/Mechanics Changes

Titan will still use OF maps and OF RAs, but will not share the strict 1.65 vision that Atlas has.
To that end, we will be incorporating changes from later patches that we feel match the OF ruleset well.

These will be posted in full detail on the website, but here is a sample of the planned modifications:

  • Adaptive immunity timers (6x duration instead of 60s flat)
  • Addition of shar, frostalf, etc (no cow)
  • DoT spells tick twice as fast with half the duration
  • Defense penetration reduced to 25% from 50%
  • Paladin buffs from 1.83
  • Friar buffs from 1.82
  • Warden buffs from 1.82
  • Some Thane buffs from 1.82
  • Valewalker buffs from 1.83
  • Sidestun for Ranger/Nightshade ;)
  • A handful of tweaks for other classes
  • Tweaks to reactionary requirements for some shared weapon lines

Additionally, many active realm abilities have been modified to be more attractive options than their classic OF counterparts. Many of the old RAs have high costs for an non-impactful ability, meaning a huge chunk of them are effectively useless. Others, while powerful, cost a prohibitive amount of realm points which leaves the player with little flexibility. Most active RAs have had their cooldown reduced, their point cost reduced, or both.

For example, Purge has been modified to the following:

  • Purge 1 - 5 realm points - 30 min cooldown
  • Purge 2 - 10 realm points - 20 min cooldown

The changes are too large to detail exhaustively here, but the following RAs have been modified:

  • Battle Yell
  • Armor Of Faith
  • Rain of Fire/Ice/Annihilation
  • Empty Mind
  • Bladedance
  • Grapple
  • Hail of Blows
  • Majestic Will
  • Whirling Dervish
  • Brilliant Aura of Deflection
  • Bunker of Faith
  • Corporeal Disintegration
  • Faith Healing
  • Fury of the Gods
  • Juggernaut
  • Negative Maelstrom
  • Reflex Attack
  • Resilience of Death
  • Soldier’s Barricade
  • Static Tempest
  • Thornweed Field
  • Trip
  • Unquenchable Thirst of Souls
  • Style RAs


Finally, we are working on a prestige system meant to provide a long-term progression path at an account level. Players will be able to exchange characters that meet certain qualifications to an npc, which will permanently delete the character in exchange for account-wide rewards. Characters that have been prestiged may even show up in the game world, reflecting the accomplishments of their previous life.

The details of this system are still being finalized, but some ideas of earnable rewards would be account-wide xp bonuses, ROG utility/drop chance bonuses, Serenity/Tireless on newly created characters, etc. Once this system is finalized, we will create a wiki page with full details.

This system will be available both on Atlas and Titan.

When can I play it?

Development for Titan is well underway and while we have no planned date for open testing yet, things are progressing at a great pace and we hope to have something ready soon™ . Thankfully the alpha and beta phases for Titan will be much shorter, due to the smaller scope of this server project. We will make an announcement as soon as the Titan alpha is ready for players. As always, we thank you for taking the time to play with us here on Atlas (and soon, Titan!).

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