How to play

We are super excited to welcome you to the Titan!

If this is your first time installing Titan, please follow the instructions in the section below. If you're encountering issues with the OpenDAoC Launcher or the DAoC client, review the prompts and suggestions provided in the FAQs & Troubleshooting page.

Installing OpenDAoC on Windows

Follow the steps below to prepare your local DAoC environment and join the action on Titan.

WARNING: If you are already playing on another DAoC freeshard, you will need to create a new/separate installation of DAoC specifically for OpenDAoC.

We use significantly divergent file sets in comparison to other freeshards, as well as DAoC Live, which means OpenDAoC cannot use the same DAoC files as another freeshard. We recommend creating a new DAoC directory for each freeshard in which you participate

1. Download the new OpenDAoC Installer (v1.0.0)

This is a full client installer and doesn't require any additional preparation.
Just download, install, launch and connect.



Link to OpenDAoCLauncher only: OpenDAoCLauncher.

2. Install OpenDAoC

IMPORTANT: This will change the path for any existing settings you may have in place--including hotkey layout, macros, and screen/UI layouts. To keep your unique configurations and quickbars, move the user.dat and characters.ini files from %AppData%\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LotM to %AppData%\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\OpenDAoC.

2.1. Launch the OpenDAoC installer.

2.2. Choose a install location

When prompted to select an installation location, click Browse... and then select a fresh folder where you want OpenDAoC installed.


2.3. Confirm the install location

2.4. Complete the installation

3. Launch OpenDAoCLauncher.exe

3.1. Launch OpenDAoCLauncher.exe as Administrator.

If you followed these instructions, you already have the latest version of our client.
There might be a smaller patch available on the server, and that will be automatically downloaded when you start the launcher.

If for any reason the update should fail, just click on force re-patch in the options window.

4. Enter Your Credentials or Register to Play

Register a new account following the instructions here: How to register

4.1. Simply execute OpenDAoCLauncher.exe.


4.2. Enter your username and password.

NOTE: See the Frequently-Asked Questions section below if you've forgotten your account name or password.